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A global settlement layer for physical gold

Our mission

A global, settlement layer for physical gold enabling users access the largest physical marketplaces in the world, without ongoing custody fees.

Our approach

Combining the largest over the counter desks for LBMA accredited gold bullion with best in class auditing, accountancy, insurance and geo-dispersed vaulting providers. xbullion utilises a decentralized, secure, asset registry to provide a 24/7/365 global settlement layer for physical gold bullion that easily integrates with existing platforms.

Our values


We work with some of the world's most reputable suppliers, auditors, accountants and compliance professionals in providing security, trust and peace of mind.


We enable participants access to the worlds largest desks for physical LBMA accredited gold bullion without paying additional spreads or ongoing custody fees.


Our audits and ledger are available for public viewing. Open, honest, two-way communication is what motivates us to constantly improve, innovate and strengthens the relationships with our partners and our users.


We strive to develop and maintain best in class systems and partner with reputable service providers and suppliers allowing users to buy, store and transfer gold as quickly and easily as sending an email.

Meet our team

Unrivalled global expertise and industry experience.

David Lightfoot

Chief Executive Office

Jonathon Carley

Chief Financial Officer


Chief Technology Officer

Ashleigh Andruska

Chief Operating Officer


Administration & Marketing Coordinator

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