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xbullion tokens bring the benefits of digital assets such as liquidity, accessibility and transparency to physical gold bullion.


Frictionless transfer

xbullion tokens are transferable to any person, anywhere in the world, instantly on a network that is available 24/7/365. End users can redeem the tokens for digital or fiat currency through our partners. xbullion is not confined to any particular marketplace allowing you to transfer your tokens to any exchange or partner you wish to use. xbullion gives you, the owner, ultimate control over your own finances.


Convenience of blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is universal and facilitates easy and inexpensive trade between parties globally. xbullion anchors your tokens to physical gold bullion, stored in highly secure vaulting facilities based in Australia, Singapore and London. The tokens give you the ultimate freedom to trade your digital assets with anyone in the world. You are always connected to your wealth.

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