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Earn interest on GOLD with Zipmex ZipUp

14 Dec 2020
Earn interest on GOLD with Zipmex ZipUp

“Earn 4.5% p.a. on xbullion [GOLD] by depositing your digital assets at Zipmex, paid out daily. With ZipUp, you’re guaranteed an interest rate that is above what other institutions are offering!”

Gold has had a big year thriving amidst global uncertainty and fallout from monetary policy as a result of the global pandemic. Gold is traditionally used to diversify investment portfolios as a stable investment and as a hedge against inflation. While the precious metal is seen as a safe-haven asset in what is a currently a volatile market, it has still encountered criticism for not generating a yield.

Xbullion’s exchange partner Zipmex has emerged with an innovative solution for digital asset investing, ZipUp, a digital assets interest program. ZipUp includes xbullion’s [GOLD] token, which represents direct ownership of physical gold. This is significant for gold investors, with the program offering a unique opportunity to earn 4.5% on xbullion [GOLD], paid daily, which can be withdrawn or converted into cash with relative ease. The gold savings account has no fees except for the typical withdrawal fees. 

“ZipUp has come about due to recent changes in the industry and growing investor demand for higher yields on their assets. We see a big opportunity for digital assets to grow, particularly with the technological innovations of decentralized finance protocols and solutions. This is a very exciting time to be disrupting the finance sector.” said Marcus Lim, CEO of Zipmex.

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