Physical, vaulted, audited,
insured, private,
decentralised, redeemable.

launch date: Q3 2019

Physical, vaulted, audited,
insured, private,
decentralised, redeemable.

launch date: Q3 2019

Gold-backed token

xbullion sources gold from the world’s most reputable suppliers.

All gold bullion is recorded via a serial number, which is attached directly to the xbullion token. 

Tokens are audited by accounting firm BDO, fully insured and redeemable anytime, anywhere.



xbullion allows the token holder direct access to the physical bullion, recorded via serial number within the token, while also providing insurance, audit, and global liquidity and transferability.



xbullion is an ideal mechanism to invest securely in physical bullion and is a direct competitor to ETF’s and fractionalised products offering extremely competitive pricing around spot, and low management fees for institutional and large holders.



xbullion is able to be transferred to anyone globally, or traded on various exchanges globally. Token holders have complete freedom around where, when, and how their allocated gold bullion is transferred or redeemed without the control of a centralised registry and with the security of blockchain.

No currency in modern history has been birthed without gold backing. xbullion is bringing currency back to its core through allowing holders to have absolute security, transferability, and liquidity.

Stephen Moss

CEO Decentralised Capital

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