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Physical bullion,
vaulted, audited,
insured, decentralised
& redeemable.

Q1 2020 - Smart contract launched + Audit complete
Q2 2020 - Soft Launch

Physical, vaulted, audited,
insured, private,
decentralised, redeemable.

Q1 2020 - Smart contract launched + Audit complete
Q2 2020 - Portal Launch

Gold-backed token

xbullion has built a best in class gold storage solution, working with some of the world's most reputable refineries and vaulting partners.

Tokens are issued to manage the underlying gold bullion. Bringing liquidity, transparency and decentralisation to secure gold storage. 

xbullion is audited by BDO. The underlying gold bullion is fully insured and redeemable at most major cities. 



xbullion allows the token holder access to the physical bullion, recorded via serial number, while also providing insurance, audit, global liquidity and effortless transferability.



xbullion is an ideal mechanism to invest securely in physical bullion. By managing a best in class insured gold storage solution through a secure blockchain, xbullion is able to provide direct wholesale pricing without charging custody fees.



xbullion is able to be transferred peer to peer or traded on various exchanges around the world. Token holders have complete freedom around where, when, and how their allocated gold bullion is transferred on a network that is available 24/7/365.

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Benefits of xbullion


Physical Bullion

Gold ETFs

Gold Tokens

Custody Fees


Up to 100bps

Up to 40bps

Up to 100bps

Instant Global Transfers

Allocated and Audited



xbullion ecosystem


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